Excellence from the Start

Violin Lessons in Reston, VA


Lessons length depended on age and ability. Range from 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes.

Our Violin Programs

Beginner Level

  • How to stand properly with instrument
  • Proper bow and left hand posture reinforced by games
  • Theory and Chamber music
  • Legato/ Detaché / Martle Bowing
  • 1st finger pattern introduced
Estimated time of completion: 6 Months -1 year depending on age; age 2 and up

Advanced Beginner Level

  • Ensemble focus to instill listening to others in a group
  • Playing and Reading in different positions, not confined to 1st position
  • Three Key finger patterns introduced
  • More advanced violin technique routine begins: varied bow strokes, shifting, double stops, scales, finger dexterity, vibrato,
  • Transposing songs to different keys
Estimated time of completion: 1 - 2 years; typically age 7-8 and up

Intermediate Level

  • Technique routine introduced for access to the advanced repertoire: 3 octave scales/arpeggio, finger velocity, advanced double stops, spiccato, ricochet
  • Whole concertos introduced
  • Sight reading emphasized
  • Preparation for auditions and competition
Estimated time of completion: 2-4 years; age 11-13 or by ability