Suzuki Baby & Toddler Class: New!

Suzuki Early Childhood Education Class

We join the Zero to Three movement! Our studio now offers a preschool music class for 0 to 3+ years old, a Suzuki ECE class! This is the first certified Suzuki ECE class in NOVA.

Around 1986, Dorothy Jones and her daughter Sharon worked with Dr. Suzuki on the curriculum for newborns through age 3. The  Suzuki baby & toddler class reflects the philosophy of the Suzuki Method.  The first three years are the most important years of growth for baby in all aspects of brain development.

Suzuki would have said, “Don’t just let baby be baby.”  There are things parents can do to give baby the best chance to develop.  He has a good image of a seedling: if you water and take really good care of it, it will be a very strong, sturdy plant.  If you don’t do those things, it will be puny!

The best start is an exceptional music education.


It was long thought that music was of no benefit for infants in the womb. Studies today abound – praising the benefits of such listening for both the parent and the child.  Mom could rest while listening to music while baby felt her relaxation and heard the music. Suzuki recognized the importance of prenatal listening and advocated playing classical music for the unborn fetus. He had observed that children who listen daily to one piece of music before birth, recognized it as their own music after birth.

“According to the BBC, this recognition of prenatal music experiences might actually last 12 months or more after birth. Playing familiar music after birth might help calm a restless child who recognizes the tune.”

No need to blast the music! Since the tiny pre-born baby has sensitive hearing, play it softly.  Furthermore, the baby in the womb, can hear at 17 weeks, and we can only assume such a tiny being would respond to music at a level comfortable for mom to hear.   Play the music when you are relaxed and can rest yourself so that baby feels the sense of calm that music can bring.

Newborns & the first 1000 days

If you played music for your baby while you were pregnant, then you can play that piece again after birth.  As we said earlier, s/he will recognize it. There is evidence that music effects certain parts of the baby’s brain. Specifically those parts associated with language–recognition of speech sounds.  This is not so much about getting a jump on language but of understanding that the baby’s brain develops exponentially in the first 1000 days.  Give him or her the best environment for developing language and all other connections going on.

Davenport Baby Music Class – Mom or dad do all activities with their baby, letting them learn in this nurturing environment.

“Again, mommy.”

Babies and toddlers love to do the same things over and over! The Suzuki Early Childhood Education curriculum is designed for so many benefits for the baby and features repetition which is how babies learn.  As a matter of fact, repetition is how we all learn. Even for teens and college students, repeating and reviewing is the key to learning.

Babies love repetition even if you are tired of hearing the same song (or playing the same game) again.  Maybe you remember loving a certain board game as a young child. Your parent may have suggested a different one, but you really wanted to play that same one again and again. It’s because you found something about it fascinating, and you were mastering it.

The babies do the same with our class.  They hear the familiar both in class and at home using our CD (Lullabies, Action Songs, and Rhymes) and begin to learn the music and the words.  Then of course they want to hear them again and again.

Structure of the class

In this class which has two trained Suzuki SECE teachers, each child is accompanied by a parent or guardian. Siblings will bring their own adult with them! The hour-long class is specifically structured, based on circle activities with songs, rhymes, opportunity for playing solo percussion instruments, and  reading. It is a marvel that very young children can focus on all the activities for the entire class. Read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Find out what benefits your baby & toddler will have from this carefully crafted class to prepare your child for all future learning. Our class meets once a week, Tuesdays at 10:30. Find out more at Baby & Toddler Music. 


“Any child can be developed, it depends on how you do it.” Shinichi Suzuki

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