Studio Policies

String Strength in Reston, VA

Teachers Promises

If they stay at String Strength until they are 18, your child will become an advanced violinist. Students will have the skills to play concerti from memory from the standard repertoire, the 1st violin parts to the string quartets of Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms and others. And they will be able to play 1st violin parts in orchestra’s. Our goal is to help students keep music in their lives, and bring music to the world whether they decide to pursue it as a career or not.

Your teacher will start lessons, ensembles, and theory classes on time and make up any lessons miss by the teacher. You will not be kept significantly over your their lesson time.

Practice assignments will be clear and precise. We will be available by email or phone if there is any questions about practice.

Your teacher will continue to sharpen their skills on the violin and keep up with the latest pedagogical practices and lesson material by reading, performing frequently and going to workshops.
The studio will be kept clean.

Parents Promise

Arrive early to lesson, theory, and ensemble with child fed and rested. Attend all lessons and ensemble practices. Violin must be the viewed by the family as an activity as important as school. Children should only be involved in one other activity besides school.
Practice is every day and a minimum amount is required to maintain their progress

A one hour parent-teacher conference will be scheduled in addition to regular lessons during January and February.

There will be 2-3 formal recitals and additional community events. At every lesson refer to the white board in studio for upcoming events and announcements. Although I understand there being occasional conflicts with school and other activities, please prioritize violin events. Formal recitals are mandatory. Formal recitals are opportunities to display a polished piece. We also perform group material at formal recitals. Like sports, music is a team effort and everyone depends on everyone else for the best results.

Ensemble class is vital to the success of your child. Do not schedule any other activities on Thursdays. Make sure your child is rested, has had a snack, and uses the bathroom BEFORE class. Arrive early and stay for the whole class. Poor attendance to group class and other events, and frequent tardiness to group class and lessons may disqualify the student from participating in recitals. Ensemble class takes place at my home studio or at United Christian Parish.

Basics – Please keep your instruments in good order, strings may need to be changed every 6 months, but at least every year. Bow hair wears out at least every year. This may mean purchasing a new bow which is typically no more expensive than a re-hair. Keep fingernails short!

Lessons missed by student for any reason will NOT be made up. I will make up any lesson I miss. Please let me know as soon as possible if you must miss a lesson. You are encouraged to swap lessons with other students if you know you will miss.

Please keep your teacher’s studio and group class a “cell free zone”. Turn off your ringer and notifications. The details of the lessons are important, and your child wants to know you are attending to them.

Do not bring your child to a lesson if they are sick or recovering from a fever. No food or shoes in the studio.

Photographs and videos taken in lessons, ensemble classes and events may be used for promoting the studio and part of ongoing professional development.