4 Reasons: The violin, great choice for first instrument

Taking music lessons helps children in many ways such as improving math, comprehension, and problem solving skills.  When parents are thinking of starting their child on a musical instrument, which one should they think about? Out of all the musical instruments to choose from, why choose the violin?

Here are 4 reasons why the violin is a very good choice for a first instrument.

1. Increased brain activity: You must use both physical and mental abilities when you are learning to play the violin. For example, physically, violinists stand while they play the violin.  Their feet must be in a certain position as must their left and right arms. An extra advantage to standing is that active children may like the  opportunity to be able to move while playing.   Mental abilities are challenged with the violin as well. It is quite the complicated instrument to learn to play.  But even very young children can learn to play well.

2. Auditor training:  Learning to play a stringed instrument promotes better auditor training. For example, to play the piano, you merely press down on the key and you are playing in tune.   A violinist must carefully listen for pitch and make adjustments as he plays. This gives the violin student opportunity for auditory training. We can teach a child from a very early age to hear herself play and adjust.

3. Playing with others: Because playing the violin provides lots of opportunities to play with others such as in orchestras or chamber groups, violinists develop ensemble skills early. Further, it’s just fun to play with other students. Children who are part of a Suzuki studio will develop opportunities for amateur performances, practice sessions, and even fund-raising events.  Little ones can play along with the older ones.  An active, vibrant Suzuki violin studio holds many events at which children can play together and for others.


4. Portable instrument: The size of violins makes them easily fit in any house or apartment compared to a piano, for instance. Further, a violin is compact enough to travel with you, making it possible to keep up a practice schedule or to play for Gramma during visits to her house.  You can even put violins in the car and play at the Herndon Depot on a nice day!

Violin lessons are a lot of fun with many benefits!

Some of the information above comes from the String Ovation website.

“Learning violin… builds the life skills you need to succeed.” String Ovation

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